Here’s some answers to a few questions we get asked all the time.

  1. Is this a club? Answer is NO, it’s our house, we live here.
  2. Do you have to be members? NO, you have to be our friends. We are not a club, we are inviting you to our house to party with us and our friends.
  3. Why did we start hosting parties? Because Indy doesn’t have any clean, classy and safe places to go (in our opinion). Plus we got tired of driving 2 or 3 hrs to parties.
  4. Do we really have to be invited. Yes, we don’t want just anyone showing up to OUR house.
  5. Do we have parties every weekend?  NO
  6. Can single guys attend? NO
  7. Is there a donation required? Yes, sort of. We have spent many thousands of dollars making this a first class place to meet. Plus we are adding new things all the time. Add to that the cost of food, drinks and other supplies. The donations help pay for all that, if someone shows up and doesn’t want to help with the cost they would be let in, can’t say they’d ever be asked to come back though.
  8. Can we bring friends? Chances are good if you are already invited and want to bring friends you can. But remember this is our house and still want to know who you are bringing. So just let us know in advance.
  9. Do we actually pay attention to NO shows? Yes for sure. If someone is on the invite list and doesn’t show we might not ever invite them back. We’ll give them a break a few times. But eventually we’ll remove them from the invite list. This has already started happening. please be respectful of both the host and other party goers, if your plans change just let us know. Seems simple enough.
  10. Are we really a half mile from the road? Yes we are. The house CAN NOT be seen from the road.
  11. Do we have a paid staff? NO, if we have a DJ he’s there as a friend and we don’t pay him. All the cleaning, fixing food and party prep is done by us. It takes us about about 2 days to clean up after a party and 2 days to get everything ready.
  12. Will we continue to add new fun things. Absolutely. We have some fun ideas. However, we do not plan to grow in physical size. It’s always going to be a 5 bed room house with no more than 50 cpls/friends.